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STU48 and AKB48 Team 8 first teamed up together, SHOWROOM live streaming at 15:00 JST on 5/23

This time, STU48 and AKB48 Team 8 will be working together for the first time in an event called "Cruise & Drive project", at 15:00 JST on 5/23, SHOWROOM "No. 1 Prefecture Mezashite Saikyou Tag ~ STU Eito -chan no 'Setouchi Battle'! " will be broadcast.

This is a variety program that members of STU48 and AKB48 Team 8 from 7 provinces of Seitochi will team up to form the strongest pairs and challenge each other in games! And they will decide to see which is Seitochi's # 1 province!

The following is a list of pairs to join:

Hiroshima: Ishida Chiho (STU48) & Okumoto Hinano (Team 8)

Yamaguchi: Takino Yumiko (STU48) & Shitao Miu (Team 8)

Hyogo: Ishida Minami (STU48) & Fukutome Mitsuho (Team 8)

Okayama: Oki Yuuka (STU48) & Kamachi Yukina (Team 8)

Ehime: Mai Nakamura (STU48) & Takaoka Kaoru (Team 8)

Kagawa: Fukuda Akari (STU48) & Gyoten Yurina (Team 8)

Tokushima: Taniguchi Mahina (STU48) & Harumoto Yuki (Team 8)

And the hosts of this battle by Imamura Mizuki (STU48) and Oguri Yui (Team 8)

Beyond the boundaries of the groups, the members have become "STU Eight-chan" together and they will send their energy and smiles from Setouchi to 47 prefecture!

Let's wait and enjoy this great battle offline!

Aired at STU48 特別 配 信 ル ー ム

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