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  • What is Team 8 Daily?
    Team 8 Daily is a non-profile English fan site designed for promoting the activities of AKB48 Team 8. We are committed to provide a platform for posting subbed contents, and updating the latest news/events information related to Team 8.
  • What is EitoSubs?
    EitoSubs is a subtitle group formed to translate AKB48 Team 8 related contents from Japanese to English. You can find their work by clicking "Translation" on the header of the page, or search for certain content by opening the "Menu" on the header of the page and enter a keyword in the search bar.
  • Why should I become a member of this website?
    You must become a site member in order to view the content of a post. This is done to protect the works of EitoSubs. You can register for free at any time with only your email. As a site member, you can show your support to the translators and other sub group members by commenting, hitting the "Like" button, or sharing the post to other social networking services.
  • Can I become an admin of this website?
    We are inviting any fans who are interested in promoting Team 8 together, to become a "Writer" of this website. Site writers will be managing posts on this site, but will not have access to the backend of the site. As a writer, you will be working on either one of the following: - Posting any Team 8 related news/events information in English - Posting any Team 8 related translations, including videos, magazines, books, etc. Since this is a non-profit website, all the works will be voluntary. You will receive full credits of any posts you made on the website. As a gratitude, a special badge will be assigned to all the writers to recognize the contribution.
  • What are badges?
    Badges are rewarded to site members who have fulfilled certain requirements. Only one badge will display next to your name when you make a post or comment. You can choose which badge to display under your Account settings page. Badges are assigned by site admins on a timely basis, usually within 48 hours after requirements are met. Please contact us if you have problem with badges.
  • How can I obtain badges?
    The requirements to receive a badge are listed as below. Apprentice Eighter: Received when registered as a site member Junior Eighter: Became a site member for 8 days or above. Wrote 8 comments. Liked 8 posts. Received 8 likes. Senior Eighter: Became a site member for 3 months or above. Liked 80 posts. Received 80 likes. Commented 80 times Faithful Supporter: Liked 8 posts or comments Henachoko Supporter: Liked 80 posts or comments Eito Supporter: Liked 800 posts or comments Conversation Starter: Wrote 8 comments in total, spam excluded. The Commentator: Wrote 80 or above comments, spam excluded. Famous Speaker: Wrote 800 or above comments, spam excluded. EitoSubs Member: This is a badge for EitoSubs members only.








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