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[News] Team 8 x STU48 2nd and 3rd project announced ! Live Streaming and Gravure !

Team 8 and STU48's "Cruise & Drive project", which started on May 23rd, has announced its 2nd and 3rd event yesterday.

The 2nd event will be live streaming on SHOWROOM at 17:00PM JST of June 20th. Team 8 and STU48 members will be divided into teams of two, to determine the best name of all through various games.

The teams are as follows:

Team Akari: Fukuda Akari (STU48) x Sato Akari (Team 8)

Team Sayaka: Takao Sayaka (STU48) x Takahashi Sayaka (Team 8)

Team Yurina: Minami Yurina (STU48) x Gyoten Yurina (Team 8)

Team Shimizu: Shimizu Sara (STU48) x Shimizu Maria (Team 8)

Team Suzuki: Suzuki Ayaka (STU48) x Suzuki Yuka (Team 8)

Team Rissen: Rissen Momoka (STU48) x Rissen Airi (Team 8)

MC: Imamura Mitsuki (STU48) x Oguri Yui (Team 8)

Live Stream:

Moreover, Team Hyogo, Ishida Minami (STU48) x Fukutome Mitsuho (Team 8) from the previous event on May 23rd, have worked together to create a new SHOWROOM avatar.

You can receive this avatar by sending gifts at Ishida Minami or Fukutome Mitsuho's personal SHOWROOM channel from June 15th to June 20th.

The third cooperation event is Remote Gravure of Shitao Miu and Takino Yumiko!

Although the photos are taken by themselves at home, they will giving special instructions and producing each other's gravure photos

These photos will be published on "Flash Special" releasing on June 26th.

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