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[News] Team 8 and Tin Tlip online live performance on October 25th

Music Gate x AKB48 Autumn Festival will be held on October 25th 18:00 PM ~ 21:00 PM JST. In this event, Tin Tlip (a small unit from AKB48) and Team 8 will each have 1 hour of live performance along with various variety contents.

Team 8 members that are performing in this event includes, Oda Erina, Gyoten Yurina, Kuranoo Narumi, Sakaguchi Nagisa, Yokoyama Yui, and Yoshikawa Nanase.

In addition, Suzuki Yuka, Shitao Miu, and Nagano Serika, will also be performing as a member of Tin Tlip.

Tickets can be purchased here:


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