[News] Special Guest appearing on the next episode of Kanto Hakusho!

Kanto Hakusho ep 67 is coming on July 26th 23:30 PM JST.

In addition to part 2 of "The Best Ten" show, a special guest from the Nagasaki Prefecture will also make an appearance on the show!

Let's find out who will become first place of the Best Ten show!

Members: Okabe Rin (Ibaraki), Shimizu Maria (Gunma), Takahashi Ayane (Saitama), Oguri Yui (Tokyo), Oda Erina (Kanagawa), Shiobara Karin (Niigata), Hidaritomo Ayaka (Yamanashi), Special Guest (Nagasaki)

MC: Yoshikawa Nanase (Chiba), Suzuki Taku

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