[News] Sakaguchi Nagisa won the "Top 4 Angels" Event along with Shitao Miu and Kuranoo Narumi

In "The Top 4 Angels" contest held by AKB48's Desktop/Mobile game application, AKB48 Stage Fighter 2 Battle Festival, Sakaguchi Nagisa has won the 1st place in the contest.

Shitao Miu won 2nd place, while Kuranoo Narumi won 4th place of the contest.

The contestants included all of AKB48's members, and the result is based on the number of points each member received from the players. Team 8 was very close to winning the top 4 titles, but Fukuoka Seina from Team B successfully obtained 3rd place in this contest.

Other Team 8 members in the top ranks:

Oguri Yui : 8th

Takahashi Ayane: 10th

Hashimoto Haruna: 23rd

Okabe Rin: 27th

Sato Akari: 32nd

Nagano Serika: 33rd

Fujizono Rei: 35th

Congratulations to all of the above members!

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