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[News] More details on the upcoming TV show STUEito-chan!

The 4th event of Team 8 and STU48's "Cruise & Drive project", a 2 hour special TV program, is coming up on September 26 at 16:00 ~ 18:00 JST!

The title of this show is "STU48's Setouchi Hospitality~ Go STUEito-chan!"

The show is divided into 2 parts.

In part 1 of the show, STU48 Ishida Chiho, Imamura Mitsuki , Kai Kokoa will the host of the show, inviting Team 8 members Oguri Yui, Shitao Miu, Sakaguchi Nagisa, to STU's base, Hiroshima Prefecture. They will visit various sightseeing spots and try out some local specialties together. At the end, the 6 of them will have a special live performance together on STU48's ship, STU48 Go.

Part 2 of the show involves all 88 members of STU48 and Team 8 (44 from STU, 44 from Team 8). Each member will get a chance to introduce themselves and to show off some of their special skills

Can't wait to see it!!

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