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[News] G8 Summit "We are now in Sept??? &^%(Q$(*&!!" edition

G8 Summit is back after a week's break. I hope you left your battery dry in need of some good ol' Eito recharging!

This time, we have the second gens in the summit. Chaired by our lovely Sayarin (probably the best chairwoman, if you don't mind me <cough>).

This week's members!

Hirano Hikaru Okuhara Hinako

Okumoto Hinano Harumoto Yuki

Rissen Airi

Kawahara Missa

Yamada Kyoka

Fujizono Rei

Takahashi Sayaka (chair)

It will be from 1300JST this Saturday (12th) at https://www.showroom-live.com/akb48_team8

See y'all there!

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