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[News] G8 Shunou Kaigi Ep 8 will be live streaming on Showroom at 15:00 JST of May 30th

Atsumare Eito-chan ! G8 Shunou Kaigi ! will be live streaming on Showroom at 15:00 JST of May 30th. This time the topic is "Mashiro-senpai presents! Gather up Eito-chan who would like to boast about their prefectures"! In the previous episode, Mitomo Mashiro received the most votes from the audience for her presentation. Therefore, her idea is accepted and she will also become the MC of this episode!

Mashiro originally planned to select one member from each region, plus the member of Hokkaido and Okinawa member. However, she mistakenly selected two members from the Chugoku & Shikoku region, and forgot to select a member from the Kyushu region. Therefore, Yoshida Karen will be added as the representative of Kyushu region.

Will Mashiro-senpai be able to run the show? How well can she run the show? Be sure to watch it to find out !


Sakaguchi Nagisa (Hokkaido), Okabe Rin (Ibaraki), Utada Hatsuka (Aichi), Fukutome Mitsuho (Hyogo), Okuhara Hinako (Shimane), Takaoka Kaoru (Ehime), Yoshida Karen (Fukuoka), Miyazato Rira (Okinawa), Mitomo Mashiro (Yamagata)

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