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[NEWS] Eito Saturday Its Already August!? Edition

Apologies for the late post. Though better late than never..

Taihen! Its going to be the last episode of the Hidden Skills segment today. Vale.

But its going to be special this time as they have invited guest senpais to join tonight. So join the new gens as the close the chapter on new skills acquired in the days of pandemic.

Tonight 1950 - 2100JST on https://youtu.be/gLwxVI0PAGQ

Of course, before that, the G8 Summit is still on featuring chairlady Ayane plus the kouhais Shiobara Karin, Sakagawa Hiyuka, Fukutome Mitsuho and Onoue Mizuki. They will be calling on senpais that they admire. I wonder who will they be!

At its usual timeslot of 1600JST onwards at https://www.showroom-live.com/akb48_team8

Catch ya at our Discord channel https://discord.gg/BNb8uB

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