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[News] Eito Saturday 25th July version

How is everyone's withdrawal symptoms? Mine is pretty...bad.....need me Eito fix......<lol>

Thank God that Eito Saturday is back!

The friendly Eitos are kicking off with the G8 Summit featuring the new gens and their admired senpais. Very friendly members in a very friendly group =)

Members: Inoue Miyuu, Shiobara Karin, Suzuki Yuka, Matsumura Miku and Takahashi Ayane (chair)

From 1600JST onwards on Showroom:

In between, we have the IxR subunit performing live on the theatre stage at 1800JST. Featuring Eito's Oguri Yui amongst some of AKB's most up and coming young stars! You can catch them live via AKB LIVE!! ON DEMAND:

Or you can join us at our Discord to find alternate means of viewing. Plus watching it together is more fun too =D

The day is rounded off with the Hidden Skills segment on YT ( from 2000JST. All the new gen members are present under the 'supervision' of Airi, Mashiro and Rei-senpai. The AKB blog mentioned that the skills rather than punishment will be back in focus again (or so they say...)

Anyway, enjoy! I am sure we at Eito Cord ( will be

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