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[News] Eito Saturday 18th July version

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

I hope you guys enjoyed last week's Eito Saturday? We certainly did at Team8Daily and the Eitocord.

Part 2 of the Good Friends series continues this week at the G8 Summit. Chaired once again my ShimizuD, this time it features the pairings of:

  • Yoshikawa Nanase and Oda Eri

  • Hasegawa Momoka and Shiobara Karin

  • Rissen Airi and Fujizono Rei

  • Kuranoo Narumi and Miyazato Rira

I wonder what antics they will get up to and if someone is going to be autolocked out of her room again.. (rofl). Check it out here: starting at 1600 JST

Later that night, the Hidden Skills (with punishments) is back for round 2. The girls better be on their toes! This time all the new gens will be present and chaired by Rissen Airi as usual.

Check it out here: starting 2000JST

If you need a fellow fan or a fellow flamer, you can find some at our EitoCord:

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