[News] AKB48/OUC48 Schedule Updates for Week beginning 6th July

We will have significant Team 8 presence in the first half of this coming week (and we hope for more as we get to the second half too!)

Schedule updates (all Team 8 members in bold and all times in JST):

6th July 2020

Profile48 (member in feature: Kawamoto Saya)

Participants - Inagaki Kaori, Okada Nana, Kawamoto Saya, Nagano Serika and Murayama Yuiri

From 1900-1945 at https://youtu.be/pAT84ANNhcw

Good Night Honey Harmony

Participants - Inagaki Kaori, Nagatomo Ayami, Iwatate Saho, Shimizu Maria and Fukuoka Seina

From 2200-2230 at https://youtu.be/M6U9pql6QGI

7th July 2020

YuiZukki Social Distance Theater Viewing Party

Participants - Oguri Yui and Yamauchi Mizuki

From 1830-1930 at https://www.showroom-live.com/akb48_official

Official performance from 14th June available here: https://www.dmm.com/lod/akb48/

YuiHan's Corner

Participants - Yokoyama Yui, Chiba Erii, Inagaki Kaori and Utada Hatsuka

From 2100-2130 at https://youtu.be/MG5Hqekm1Sc

8th July 2020

Home Restaurant (featured recipe: Oyakodon)

Participants - Shimizu Maria, Muto Tomu, Fukutome Mitsuho and Fujizono Rei

From 1900-1945 at https://youtu.be/3YWA4asIIis

ZukkiThrow or NaaminKeep

Participants - Asai Nanami, Yamauchi Mizuki, Oguri Yui, Nishizawa Rei, Kurosu Haruka and Murayama Yuiri

From 2100-2130 at https://youtu.be/ehgxaqu3IOU

9th July 2020

The Return of the SatoMaho

Participants - Omori Maho and Kubo Satone

From 2100-2130 at https://youtu.be/f9ghXaTCwxg

Enjoy watching and don't forget to join us watching live at our EitoCord: https://discord.gg/gHHgB5s

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