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[News] Onoue Mizuki participating in audition held by a footgolf TV show

Team 8 member Onoue Mizuki (Nagasaki Rep.) is participating in an audition held by a TV show named "Footgolf Journey".

Since the Footgolf World Cup will be held in Japan next year, the show is currently looking challengers, who will aim to become a member of the Japanese National Footgolf team.

Karina Maruyama, a former player of the Japanese National Football team, is now hosting an audition for the show, named "Karina Maruyama's little sister audition".

There are now over 70 applicants, and they are currently under the first round of audition. In this round, applicants are being tested by their physical abilities.

See the following video on YouTube for Mizuki's amazing skills!


For those who wants to know more about footgolf, please see this wiki page.



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